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The Missouri Human Rights Act: What to know

The Missouri Human Rights Act sets very specific guidelines for employment discrimination in the state. It includes a host of points that employees and employers should know about so all forms can be avoided. 

Employers have a duty to ensure that the workplace is free of discrimination from employees, vendors and customers. They’re required to post notices outlining the law, and they must have policies in place to address complaints. 

What forms of discrimination are illegal?

The Missouri Human Rights Act provides protection for people based on several points. These include:

  • Color or race
  • National origin or ancestry
  • Religion
  • Disability
  • Sex
  • Age from 40 through 69

Sexual harassment is also forbidden by this act. It doesn’t matter what the basis of sexual harassment is. It’s illegal in all forms. 

When is discrimination illegal?

The protection from discrimination begins during the hiring process and extends throughout a term of employment. Even if a company doesn’t hire you, they must still respect the right of everyone to not be discriminated against during the application process.

Discrimination can come in several forms. Employers, administrators, supervisors and others in the company can’t harass or retaliate against people based on a protected status. Denying employment to someone based on one of those reasons is also illegal. This means that employers can’t ask certain questions that could provide information about any of those protected statuses. 

Anyone who believes they’ve been discriminated against by an employer should explore their options. Taking legal action may be beneficial. There are time limits for these matters in Missouri, so don’t waste any time acting.