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How do bone fractures reveal nursing home abuse?

With age comes weaker bones that cannot withstand intense trauma. When an older adult’s bone takes on a force stronger than it could take, it breaks. A bone fracture is a medical expression for a broken bone, which may either be a partial or complete crack.

But as unthinkable as it appears, bone fractures may be a cry for help from older adults in Missouri caused by nursing home abuse.

Causes of bone fractures in nursing homes

Bone fractures cause blood supply interference, damaging other surrounding tissues and organs. Some types of broken bones include ankle, collarbone and hip fractures. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 300,000 older adults suffer hip fractures annually.

Due to other underlying medical concerns – like osteoporosis, a condition causing decreased bone mass and density – nursing home residents may have a more painful situation with broken bones. They may experience limited mobility and overwhelming discomfort.

Even if nursing homes supposedly provide a safe environment, human error and other hazardous conditions still result in bone fractures. Older residents may be:

  • Physically restrained or battered
  • Improperly placed in their wheelchair
  • Improperly lifted or transferred to and from their bed
  • Exposed to unsafe spaces filled with clutter, wet surfaces or heavy materials, which may cause a slip-and-fall accident
  • Inadequately assisted in and out of their wheelchair, without provision of mobility aids, like crutches and walkers

Therefore, aside from the expected essential support in their living conditions, nursing homes must also have adequately skilled and trained staff to perform a deliberate and delicate approach when handling or supervising their residents.

Upholding dignified standards

Entrusting yourself or a loved one to a nursing home puts you in a vulnerable position, but you can only hope they uphold their promise of delivering quality standards. A legal team can help you identify all liable parties and seek compensation. This way, you will protect your rights and prevent other potential victims from suffering the same life-threatening circumstances.