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Eight killed over Thanksgiving weekend car accidents in Missouri

The holiday season can require travel for many families across the United States. In some areas, this can mean a peaceful drive on a sunny day. In others, like the Midwest, it can mean drivers have to negotiate snow and ice covered roads along with potential whiteout conditions. This combination can easily lead to an automobile accident.

Unfortunately, fatal car accidents are not uncommon in Missouri. Eight people have already died in car crashes in the state over the Thanksgiving weekend alone. The majority of fatal accidents involved head-on collisions where one vehicle crossed the center line. Although the reason for the vehicle crossing the line is unknown, distracted driving is a possibility.

Holiday season not the only danger, dangerous drivers abound in Missouri

In addition to a dangerous holiday season, a study was recently released by a popular car insurance website finding Missouri topped the nation for dangerous drivers. According to the study, Missouri has a history of ranking high on dangerous driving lists. In 2012, the state finished second for states in the nation with the most dangerous drivers. In 2013, it tied with North Carolina for seventh. Even though Missouri has dropped lower on the list, it has not improved. Instead, according to the researchers, other states appear to have gotten worse.

The high rate of dangerous driver’s on Missouri’s roadways is concerning. The study focused specifically on the number of deaths for every 100 million miles traveled, failure to obey citations including traffic signals and failing to use a seatbelt, drunk driving, careless driving and other tickets. Missouri performed particularly badly in the category of failure to obey (third worse in the nation).

What this means for those in Missouri

In addition to higher car insurance rates than safer states, those in Missouri may be at an increased likelihood of injury in a car accident. If injured in an accident caused by another driver, it is important to keep in mind that the guilty party can be held responsible. As a result, a victim can be eligible to receive assistance covering the high costs of treatment and rehabilitation.

If you or a loved one is injured in a car accident, it is important to contact an experienced Missouri automobile accident lawyer. This legal professional will be able to review your case and better increase your odds of successfully holding the guilty driver accountable.