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Have You Been Injured Or Lost A Loved One In An Airplane Accident?

Kansas City aviation accident lawyer Doug Carter is an experienced, instrument-rated pilot. As such, he is familiar with FAA regulations and “rules of the road” among pilots, and what can go wrong. He is also an accomplished trial lawyer.

Based in Kansas City, Missouri, Carter Law Offices will represent people throughout the nation who were injured in aviation accidents, or family members of those who were killed. Call 816-283-3500 for a free initial consultation.

What Caused The Crash?

We can represent your interests in accidents involving commercial jet airliners, commuter flights, private aircraft or helicopters. A plane crash is usually attributed to (a) pilot error, (b) negligent maintenance or (c) manufacturer liability for faulty aircraft design.

Our preparation for litigation parallels the federal plane crash investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board. We use preliminary findings to launch our own inquiries:

  • Examining the wreckage and flight recorder data
  • Taking depositions of surviving passengers or crew
  • Checking into the pilot’s background and flying history
  • Maintenance and inspection logs on the aircraft
  • Witness statements

Get Help From An Attorney Who Is Also A Pilot

Doug Carter brings an in-depth understanding of FAA regulations pertaining to pre-flight checkdowns, tower clearance, taxiing, takeoff, in-flight operation and landings. He hires top aviation and engineering experts as necessary to demonstrate how the aircraft itself failed, or how pilots or grounds crew contributed to the crash.

Many plane crashes are fatal accidents. If there are survivors, aviation accidents typically involve permanent or catastrophic injury. We have two registered nurses on staff who can help determine the future financial needs of victims.

Schedule A Consultation With Carter Law Offices

If you ore a loved one has been injured in an aviation accident, we can help you hold the negligent parties responsible. Contact Carter Law Offices today for a free case evaluation, including home and hospital visits throughout the K.C. area. Call 816-283-3500 or send us an email to get started.