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Medical Malpractice: Hospital Falls

If you are in a hospital due to an injury or an illness, you may be very weak. You may be taking medication that impacts your sense of balance. In summary, if you are weakened, or on medication, it may be difficult to move freely. If this is the case, hospital employees should help you get to where you need to go. Wheelchairs should be available to transport people who should not be walking. Unfortunately, many hospitals and other care facilities are not properly staffed. In some cases, patients who should not be walking suffer severe injuries or even death due to falls in a hospital. Falls can cause serious injuries, or worsen existing injuries.

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If you or a loved one has been seriously injured due to a fall in a hospital, the hospital must be held accountable for its negligence. Carter Law Offices has successfully sued Research Medical Center, St. Luke’s Hospital, Truman Medical Center-Lakewood and many other health care facilities across the Kansas City metropolitan area. With our record of success, attorney Doug Carter understands what to look for in hospital negligence and medical malpractice claims. Our firm has a registered nurse on staff who can evaluate your injuries, review your medical records, and locate the appropriate medical experts to verify the extent of your injuries.

It is important to understand that any claim against a hospital can take a long time to resolve. You need a lawyer who is with you for the long haul. We will prepare your case with every intention of taking it to trial. If the hospital’s lawyers have reason to believe your lawyer will shy from taking your case to trial, they will try to minimize what it pays in damages. You can trust in our law firm to take every step within the law to maximize your claim for damages.

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