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Premises Liability: Swimming Pool Accidents

Drownings and swimming pool accidents resulting in an injury are terrifying experiences, especially when the accidents were caused by negligence or carelessness of property owner.

At Carter Law Offices, we represent clients whose accidents have occurred in private pools, public pools, hotel pools, water parks and other swimming pools. If you have been injured, if your child has been injured, or if a loved one drowned in a swimming pool accident or diving accident, we can evaluate your case and help you explore your legal options. To schedule a free consultation, contact a Kansas City swimming pool accident lawyer today.

Causes Of Swimming Pool Accidents

An owner of a swimming pool — whether a private homeowner or the owner of the hotel or apartment complex — can be held liable for any injuries that occur in the swimming pool on the premises. Some common causes of swimming pool accidents caused by negligence include:

  • Failure to supervise
  • Gates left open
  • Lack of fencing
  • Faulty drain
  • Failure to maintain
  • Failure to post warning signs

When property owners fail to keep their swimming pools or the area surrounding their swimming pools safe, swimmers are put at risk. This is especially dangerous for children, who are often victims of drownings and swimming pool accidents. Injuries commonly associated with a swimming pool accident include oxygen deprivation injuries, head injuries, brain damage and fatal injuries/drownings.

Contact A Drowning Accident Lawyer in Missouri

If you or your child has been injured due to the negligence of a swimming pool owner, our law firm can help you prepare an effective premises liability lawsuit. To speak to a personal injury attorney from our firm, contact us online or call 816-283-3500. We offer free initial consultations to all prospective clients.