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Have You Been Injured Or Lost A Loved One In A Railroad Accident?

The railroad company is responsible for maintenance at road-track intersections. When poor maintenance leads to train accidents, railroad companies should be held accountable. At the Carter Law Offices, our Missouri railroad accident attorneys are dedicated to representing injury victims against railroad companies throughout Missouri and Kansas.

Holding railroad companies responsible for your injuries is an important means for getting the financial compensation you need and deserve in order to pay bills, take care of your health and begin your recovery. For the families of wrongful death victims, it can also be a necessary way to move forward after the loss.

Handling All Types Of Train Accident Cases

Our Kansas City, Missouri, law firm handles all types of railroad accident cases, proving that crossing arms and flashing lights were not working, that warning horns were not sounded or that visibility was obstructed by foliage or poor design.

We realize that train accident victims face a number of post-accident challenges, and we are genuinely empathetic and compassionate to the folks we meet — partly because many of us have faced our own challenges. We know how hard it is to suffer a personal injury and how challenging it can be to take legal action. Our entire staff stands by you throughout the process, sharing our strength for you.

Measuring The True Cost Of A Railroad Accident Injury

Given the severity of most railroad accident injuries, it is very important to accurately measure the true costs to the accident victim and his or her family. If you have been injured, you may face the costs of future medical treatment, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

In order to ensure you receive a fair settlement or award, our attorneys work with experienced medical professionals — including a registered nurse and doctor of chiropractic we have on staff — as well as life care planners and economists who can provide a medical prognosis of your condition and the costs your face as a result.

Expert witness testimony regarding the financial impact of your injuries can make or break a case. To help get the best possible results for folks, we make sure jurors and insurance companies understand the issues. And we make it absolutely clear that we won’t settle for anything less than a fair offer.

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If you have been hurt in a railroad accident, our lawyers can help you claim the compensation you need to cope with your injuries. To schedule a free initial consultation at our Kansas City office, call 816-283-3500 or contact us online.