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Metro Bus Runs Over Woman, Wrongful Death Suit May Follow

A Metro bus recently hit a woman, killing her. Amazingly, nobody onboard was even aware she had been struck.

The bus accident happened in St. Louis, Mo., when the woman, 60, got off bus and then crossed the street in front of it. Witnesses said the woman either bent over or fell down, at which point she was hit by the bus, which continued on its route. Neither the driver nor any of the 11 passengers were aware the woman had been run over until the bus was stopped by police.

The driver is not expected to be criminally charged, but it is the city’s policy to fire drivers who are involved in fatal accidents, even if it wasn’t their fault. Action against the driver is pending following completion of blood and alcohol testing, which is common when a driver is involved in an accident. If terminated, the driver, who had one previous minor accident in 2007, can appeal.

A lawsuit is expected from the victim’s family, most likely claiming driver negligence and wrongful death against the driver and perhaps even the city. If a suit is filed, potential recovery could include pain and suffering, funeral expenses and punitive damages.

Nearly every mass transit system carries liability coverage, and for good reason. In one recent case, a man was awarded $1.3 million after suffering permanent injuries after slipping off a wet step on a Kansas City bus.

Experts suggest contacting an experienced attorney in the event you or a family member is involved in an accident with a bus or other mode of mass transit.