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Missouri Drivers Rank Second in the Country, but That Isn’t Good

If drivers in Missouri ever wondered how they compare to drivers of other states, in terms of which state has the best drivers, a new study provides them with an answer. But, sadly, it’s an answer that drivers from Missouri may not like.

Based on statistics, the new study conducted by, concluded that Missouri is home to the second worst drivers in the country. The study compared drivers from all of the states in a number of categories, including motor vehicle accident fatalities, number of traffic tickets issued and drunk driving statistics – Missouri ranked poorly in all the categories, especially drunk driving. And, based on the study’s rankings, the only drivers worse than Missouri’s drivers are from Louisiana.

The study was conducted using available information from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and the American Motorists Association.

Missouri Driving Statistics

According to Missouri Department of Transportation (MODOT) statistics, in 2009 (the most recent statistics available), there were 577 fatal vehicle accidents resulting in 652 deaths in the state. In the same year, there were nearly 30,000 injuries sustained in just over 20,000 injury accidents. Further, MODOT statistics show that, in 2009, alcohol contributed to or was a factor in 154 fatal accidents and another 1,571 injury accidents.

Motor vehicle accidents can result in devastating injuries such as broken bones, injuries to the head, back and neck, and brain injuries. These injuries can result in massive medical bills and lost wages.

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