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Harley-Davidson motorcycles recalled for clutch issues

For many in Kansas City, Missouri, who enjoy riding motorcycles, owning a Harley –Davidson, an American icon, is the pinnacle. Unfortunately, as is the case with any product, it is possible that the bikes could be defective. Recently, a part of some Harley-Davidson bikes were deemed to be defective, prompting a voluntary recall.

In total, more than 29,000 bikes are included in the recall. The reason the model year 2014 motorcycles were recalled is potential issues with the hydraulic clutch. More specifically, it is possible that a problem with the hydraulic clutch system could make it so that the clutch cannot be disengaged. In these situations, a rider could find himself or herself involved in a motorcycle accident because of being unable to slow or stop the motorcycle.

As a part of the recall, individuals who own motorcycles impacted are asked to not operate them until an inspection is conducted by an authorized Harley-Davidson dealer. Any issues with the hydraulic clutch uncovered in the course of that inspection will be taken care of, at no charge, by the dealer.

As those who ride motorcycles are likely aware, the activity can be dangerous even when a motorcycle is working correctly. The danger that often arises concerns the inability of drivers of larger vehicles to properly watch for motorcycles that may be sharing the road on which they are travelling. If a motorcycle does not work as intended, it can be even more difficult for a rider to avoid being involved in a crash.

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