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Railway safety: how safe people are around trains

There are many different types of mass transit options for Missouri residents. For people who are not interested in driving from place to place on their own, mass transit often provides an affordable and quick alternative option. People can turn to busses, airplanes or trains in many situations. However, people need to understand that just like with private transportation, accidents can occur.

Trains, in particular, can be dangerous for passengers and pedestrians near the tracks. According to a report by the Federal Transit Administration, railway accidents have been increasing over time. In the report issued by the FTA, it was discovered that the accident rate had increased 80 percent over a six year period. These accidents have occurred for a variety of reasons including fires aboard a train, train derailments and collisions between trains and other vehicles.

When a mass transit accident involving a train occurs, injuries are likely. In these accidents, people on board the trains, workers and other patrons were subject to injuries and death. In the study, the FTA found that at least three people had been killed because of slip-and-fall accidents on a train. In this same time period, an additional 10 people were killed after being hit by a train while on a platform. Injuries were even more prevalent than deaths with more than 1,600 people being injured aboard a train.

Furthermore, pedestrians and members of the public are also at risk around trains. The study found that 382 public fatalities occurred, 39 of which were involved in collisions with the train.

When people are injured in a mass transit accident, like one involving a train, they need to consult with an attorney. An attorney can help them understand if negligence played a role in causing the accident and if they are entitled to compensation.