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What is the lemon law in Missouri?

When people purchase a product, they expect that it will work how it is supposed to. They don’t expect it to be riddled with problems or otherwise defective. When it comes to cars, Missouri residents need to know that what they are purchasing will be reliable and safe since an auto part defect can not only cause an inconvenience but can be seriously dangerous.

In Missouri, legal protections — commonly referred to as lemon laws — are in place to help protect consumers. These laws give people protection when their cars have serious defects. Under section 407.565 of Missouri Revised Statutes, manufacturers must replace or repair a car that does not conform to the standards expressed in the car’s warranties. However, in order for this rule to apply, the consumer must report the issue during the term of the warranties or during the first year after a new car was sold to a consumer.

Under Missouri law, a nonconformity exists in two situations. One, if the car has been out of service for 30 or more days — excluding time for regularly scheduled maintenance — to repair reported issues with the car in the first year that the consumer had the car, then it is presumed to be nonconforming. Two, if, during the first year a consumer has a new car the car needs to be repaired four or more times for an issue, then it is also considered nonconforming.

Consumers should know that there are defenses for some auto defects under these lemon laws. If consumers have a defective product — like a defective car — they should know their legal rights. While this post can only provide general information, an attorney can give detailed and specific legal advice regarding auto product liability.