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3 examples of nursing home abuse

People who are in nursing homes trust the staff members to meet their needs. They don’t think that they’re going to go through any type of maltreatment or abuse. Unfortunately, nursing home abuse is more common than most people realize. 

Anyone who’s in a nursing home should know the signs of this atrocity. Their loved ones should also know what to look for because sometimes a keen eye is the only thing that makes this horrific behavior by staff members stop. 

Bruises, broken bones, physical injuries

Physical injuries are possible, but they aren’t always noticeable. They may be hidden under clothing. It’s also possible that abuse is emotional or medical. Withholding medications, food, and water are sometimes present in nursing home abuse.

Missing money or assets

Abuse in nursing homes is sometimes financial. Workers might get residents to give them money or transfer assets to them. These are huge red flags. You should also be concerned if the resident changes their estate plan to include a nursing home employee.

Isolation might occur

Loved ones may notice that when they go to see the nursing home resident, they’re off by themselves. It may seem as though they’re withdrawn from you. There will likely be staff members hovering around. This is because they want to be sure the person isn’t telling anyone about the abuse. 

Any nursing home resident who’s been abused, as well as their family members, might want to know what they can do about the abuse they endured. You have legal options that you should explore. Seeking compensation for the financial damages that stem from the abuse shifts the expense of the injuries to the liable party. These cases have strict time limits, so be sure you find someone to work with you quickly. You can’t let the time to file run out.