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Sexual harassment can block your career path

Obviously, sexual harassment has no place in the workplace. Unfortunately, it remains a pervasive issue in various workplaces and can sometimes affect one’s career advancement. If you’ve been denied a promotion after rejecting unwanted sexual advances from your supervisor, it’s important to know your options and to take action accordingly.

Before anything else, it can help to have evidence that can prove you’ve been sexually harassed. This can be invaluable should you decide to pursue a formal complaint. So, start by keeping a detailed record of the events at issue.

Report the harassment

There are several ways to report the harassment. The most common route is to file a complaint with your company’s Human Resources department (HR). Most companies have a formal process for handling such complaints, and HR will investigate the matter. If you’re uncomfortable approaching HR or don’t trust them to handle the situation fairly, consider reporting the harassment to a higher-level manager or another company official.

Explore legal options

Depending on the severity of the harassment and the outcome of your internal complaint, you may want to consider legal action. A reliable legal team can catch you up on your rights and walk you through the legal process. Remember, sexual harassment can constitute a hostile work environment. Therefore, in some cases, you may be grounds for a lawsuit.

Seeking a support system

Naturally, experiencing sexual harassment in your workplace can be stressful and isolating. As such, you might want to contact friends, family or even a certified therapist for emotional support. Talking to someone you trust can be a great way to process what happened and feel empowered to move forward.

Safeguarding your career

Even though the situation is unfair, it’s prudent to consider your career path. If staying at the company feels untenable, begin exploring other job opportunities. Network with colleagues in your field and update your resume. This can help to guarantee that you have a fallback plan if you decide to leave your current employment.

Being denied a well-deserved promotion due to sexual harassment is a discouraging experience. However, you should remember that it does not reflect your abilities. Don’t let this setback hinder your career goals. By documenting the harassment, reporting it and seeking support, you can take control of the situation and pave the way for a more positive future.